About Us

Dynamic Sourcing Solutions is a global supply chain solutions provider for companies looking for efficient, trust worthy and cost-effective management of all aspects of your production. With over 40 years of experience in China, we have acquired a deep expertise in developing and executing strategies for cost-effective and reliable operations for our clients. When you choose to outsource your procurement with Dynamic Sourcing Solutions, you will experience the assurance gained from our long-standing relationships with many top-tier, high quality manufacturers in China and our core business value of maintaining supplier independence so as to ensure true objectivity when providing clients with the ideal solution.

Beyond our relationships with stellar manufacturers, our experience and personal investment in all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain process, including product design, development & assembly, identifying manufacturers, compliance and quality control, competitive pricing, final packaging and final shipment, sets our team apart from others.

At Dynamic Sourcing Solutions, we know that a lack of efficient and comprehensive processes as well as staff attrition and corruption are often the main challenges to the effectiveness of small procurement offices. By outsourcing your procurement operations to Dynamic Sourcing Solutions, you can immediately reduce your overhead, reduce staffing turnover risk and the risk of corruption, while gaining access to the reliable, efficient solutions and services your organization needs.


Our Mission

Dynamic Sourcing Solutions provides complete supply chain solutions for businesses wishing to develop product lines from China. With over 40 years of sourcing and manufacturing experience in China, we have the necessary knowledge to take your product from concept, to production, to market.

Our dedicated team will follow your project from product design and development, sourcing, production planning, production, compliance and quality assurance, quality control, final packaging and final shipment. We take great care with every step of the process to ensure our customers get exactly what they want, when they want it. We know what to watch out for, what pitfalls to avoid and how to keep you and your products safe. No matter how many factories are needed to complete your finished product, you will only have one contact, Dynamic Sourcing Solutions. Allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best, sell your products.


Our Services

Dynamic Sourcing Solutions is a supply chain solutions provider specializing in manufacturing in China.

  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions optimizes your supply chain through a combination of one stop solutions and tailored services.
  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions works as your outsourcing purchasing department; identifying and sourcing factories according to your requirements and taking care of all your procurement needs in China.
  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions is a single point of contact and the critical link from concept and design to finished product. The key concerns for new product development being cost, quality and timing.
  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions is supplier independent. We never receive commissions from suppliers, we work on behalf of our customers and not the suppliers.
  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions acts as your supply chain management team in China reducing your need to employ an additional purchaser(s) in your company.
  • Dynamic Sourcing Solutions has its own packaging facility in China, which can be used, if necessary, for final quality control along with final packaging of you product according to your specific needs.

Private Label Mints:

Dynamic Sourcing Solutions is a unique sourcing company in that we have our own food grade approved packing facility. We offer both private label and contract manufacturing opportunities for breath mints and sour candies.

Please contact our office for more information on packaging options and to learn about our MOQ’s.


For any questions or concerns, please reach us by phone or email:
+1. (650)671-3331